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Round St. Gabriel The Archangel Medal and Prayer Card Set

Gift Wrap Available
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3/4" Diameter



About this Round St. Gabriel The Archangel Medal and Prayer Card Set

This round St. Gabriel the Archangel medal is matched with a laminated prayer card. This medallion features a wonderful  image of St. Gabriel standing with his wings spread. The pendant displays the following features;

  • The pendant is round shaped.
  • The medal is made of non tarnishing pewter.
  • The center of the medallion shows an image of St. Gabriel.
  • The outer raised border are the words SAINT GABRIEL PRAY FOR US.
  • The back of the medal is plain.
  • The pendant measures 3/4" in diameter.
  • The medallion is paired with an 24" endless stainless steel heavy curb chain.
  • The pendant is made in the USA.

The St. Gabriel prayer card is laminated in protective plastic and measures 4.5" x 2.5".  The prayer card has an image of St. Gabriel in the center and on the back of the card has a prayer to St. Gabriel the Archangel.

Prayer Reads:

Feast Day: September 29
Dear Saint Gabriel the Archangel, 
we beseech you to intercede for us 
at the throne of Divine Mercy:
As you announced the mystery of 
the incarnation to Mary, so through 
your prayers may we receive 
strength of faith and courage
of spirit, and thus find favor with
God and redemption through Christ
Our Lord. May we sing the praise of
God Our Savior with the angels and
saints in heaven forever and ever.

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