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Men's Large St. Benedict Crucifix Pendant

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About this Men's Large St. Benedict Crucifix Pendant

What a stunning sight measuring at 3 inches high! It has a traditional styling that will last a lifetime. The crucifix pendant features the St. Benedict medal behind the head of Christ and the back also has the backside image of the symbol of St. Benedict.

St. Benedict Pendant is the patron saint of Monks and Poison Sufferers. Benedict was the founder of Western monasticism, and wrote a set of guidelines for monks to follow. Many opposed his Benedictine principles, and he was once given a goblet of poison, which he blessed and made safe. He is buried with his twin sister, Saint Scholastica.

This handsome crucifix pendant measures 3" H x 1¾" W and is paired with a 30" long stainless steel endless chain by default.

Comes gift boxed in a beautiful velvet hinged jewelry gift box that is ideal for gift giving.

Made for Heartland Store entirely in USA by 100+ Year Old Family-Owned Bliss Manufacturing with artisans using their generations of knowledge and skill.

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